Community Navigator

Meet Carleton MacNeil, Riverside Estates’ Community Navigator.

The role of the Community Navigator is to work with the residents of Riverside Estates to turn the housing units into homes, and together, create a community.  He helps with tenant selection, provides support to residents, conducts community outreach activities, and promotes the success of Riverside Estates.

Carleton MacNeil, Riverside Estates’ Community NavigatorCarleton brings a rich life experience to the position encompassing more than 30 years in facilities maintenance management and instructional training, as well as extensive volunteer work and leadership roles with organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 4-H, Recovery House, the John Howard Society, and Knights of Columbus. In these roles, he has developed extensive knowledge of and built relationships with community service organizations in the Antigonish area.

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To reach Carleton, call 902 318-3732 or email

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