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Jan 22, 2013 | News

Following a public hearing, Town of Antigonish council passed, unanimously, a motion agreeing to sell property at 2 Riverside Drive to the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society for $1.
The motion passed during council’s regular monthly meeting Monday night and the only member of the public addressing council during the public hearing was Katherine Reed from the society.
The society intends to construct affordable rental housing on the property.

The motion included a stipulation that if the property remained undeveloped after two years, it would revert back to town ownership.Reed indicated, because of funding timelines, her group has to act sooner than later so the two years would be fine.“No opposition at all,” Mayor Carl Chisholm said when asked about the public hearing and support council gave the project through their words and votes.“We’ll have something put in the purchasing agreement in terms of a buffering zone and some things they might have to do to comply with the neighbouring households but, no, we discussed it and think it’s great,” Chisholm said.

Chisholm indicated council passed a similar motion, not too long ago, for Celtic Homes but this is the first time it’s working with the society.“They [the society] are hoping for others down the road but you have to start somewhere and we’re hoping we’ve helped them out by doing it [passing the motion],” Chisholm said.“We’ve turned this property over to them and if they do what we request, I’m sure it will be good for all those in need. Certainly, low rental housing, we need more of it in town.”

This article originally appeared in The Casket on Januray 22, 2013, attributed to Richard MacKenzie.
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