Tenant Application Information

We understand that finding affordable housing can be a difficult and frustrating process, especially for those who need accessible units. However, at this time, we do not maintain a waiting list for our units. We understand that this may be inconvenient for some individuals, yet we want to ensure that the process is fair for everyone. By announcing vacancies publicly, we hope to give everyone an equal chance at securing one of our units.

We encourage interested individuals to regularly check our website and watch out for our ads and posters to stay updated on any new developments.

As soon as vacancies in our units become available, we publish this information to the public through various channels. This includes our website. We promote through social media (via AAHS, Ask Antigonish, What’s going on in Antigonish, local organizations), radio ads and posters put on shop windows and sent to the library, town and county offices, social services and community groups (such as the women’s resource centre).

When we have openings, paper applications are available from AAHS, the library, town and county offices.

We are committed to providing affordable and accessible housing options to our community, and we are confident that our new build of 17 more units will help us move towards this goal. The new units will range from one to three bedrooms. Four of these units will be accessible, making them suitable for individuals with disabilities or mobility limitations.

We look forward to welcoming new residents once the new units or vacancies become available. As always, AAHS is exploring options and funding for additional land or buildings to retrofit. Thank you for your interest and for your continued support.

To be eligible for tenancy:

  • Household total income must be less than the maximum thresholds of $52,500 (1-bedroom), $60,000 (2-bedroom), and $70,500 (3+ bedroom). These rates are subject to change. You must provide a current Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Assessment for each adult in your household if you are selected for an interview.
  • You must have been a resident of Antigonish Town or County for at least the past three years;
  • You must not have a violent criminal record of be on the sex offender registry. All adult household members will have to pass a criminal record check before being selected for tenancy.
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