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Jun 14, 2017 | News

Vocal students of Sr. Lillian Gaudet of the Sisters of Saint Martha have contributed $1,446.50 to the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society (AAHS). Sr. Lillian and her students held a series of concerts on the weekend, and with their parents’ agreement, asked that the money they raised go to support AAHS’s social mission.

AAHS aims to break the cycle of poverty vulnerable people find themselves in, and to improve the quality of their lives, not only by providing affordable, energy-efficient housing, but by ensuring residents are supported in their new homes. Part of AAHS’s mission includes making a Community Navigator available to help residents access programs and services, and to help them turn their units into homes. The funds raised from the concerts will go to support this position.

In receiving the donation from Sr. Lillian, AAHS Co-Chair Colleen Cameron said, “Our model of affordable housing goes beyond bricks and mortar. We want residents at Riverside Estates to feel safe, secure and part of a caring community. The donation by Sr. Lillian and her students will contribute to enabling our Community Navigator, Carleton MacNeil, to continue his important work with the residents.”

The students performed a repertoire of “The Gems of Scotland” during the weekend concerts to pay tribute to Sr. Lillian, who is retiring after 30 years at Bethany teaching music to children and young adults. Sr. Lillian comes by her love of music naturally. She grew up in a large musical family; surrounded by music she was drawn to teaching music in schools and to choirs wherever she lived. The weekend concerts were her last.

Pictured receiving the donation are from left to right: AAHS Co-Chair Colleen Cameron, Sr. Lillian Gaudet, and AAHS Treasurer Angus MacGillivray.

Antigonish Affordable Housing - Gems of Scotland June 2017

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